Les DeuxLuxes (CA) | The Dead Poneymen (BE) | DJ Baston (BE)


DATE: JEUDI 31/12/2020 LIEU: Belvédère OUVERTURE: 20:00 ENTRÉE: 10€ (+1€) / 12€ 




Soirée rock and roll vintage, rebelle et conviviale. Avec les DeuxLuxes, duo montréalais flamboyant composé de la chanteuse Anna Frances Weyer et du multi-instrumentiste Étienne Barry. Leur premier album, paru en 2016, a été acclamé au Québec et sur le continent américain. Le second, "Lighter fluid", sort en février sur le label Bonsound. Fort de leur notoriété outre-Atlantique, les DeuxLuxes, que l'on compare déjà aux White Stripes, partent désormais à la conquête du vieux continent. Les critiques sont élogieuses: "the best thing to happen to dirty blues-rock in a long, long time" (Toronto Star).

Josy & Pony by the Dead Poneymen assureront la première partie avec leur toute nouvelle chanteuse Fany. DJ Baston (festival City Rockers) passera des disques anciens et moins anciens, entre et après les concerts.

PAF: 10€ (+1€ frais) en prévente / 12€ au guichet 

Les DeuxLuxes (CA)
Rock / Blues Rock

Active since 2013, Les Deuxluxes is a Montreal-based rock 'n' roll duo featuring vocalist/tenor-guitarist Anna Frances Meyer and multi-instrumentalist Etienne Barry. The pair sets the stage on fire and mesmerizes crowds wherever they go with their unique mix of gritty garage rock, soaring melodies and thrilling psychedelism.


Critically acclaimed in Quebec and abroad, their first album Springtime Devil was released in September 2016. Their recordings aren't the only thing that attracts praise. The duo has distinguished itself in events of international repute including Montreal Jazz Festival, Festival d'été de Québec, POP Montreal, M for Montreal, GéNéRiQ, Festival International de Louisiane and SXSW.


Between 2016 and 2018, they toured Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia) extensively, breaking the language barrier and attracting a large number of new fans. They have played continuously across Canada as well, and have toured in France and the UK where a majority of their shows sold out. During this period, the band also took SXSW by storm, gaining exposure in the United States and cementing their status in festivals of international repute like the Festival International in Louisiana. In 2019, Les Deuxluxes also performed at Roxy Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico and at Westway Lab in Portugal, where they caught the attention of media outlets like Milenio, Gigwise and The 405. In September, Les Deuxluxes surpassed all expectations by selling out all three of their shows at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, making their debut in Germany an explosive event.


With their long-time collaborator Francis Duchesne, Anna Frances and Etienne are currently working on their sophomore album Lighter Fluid. Recorded entirely inside a 19th century church located in the heart of the Eastern Townships (Quebec), the album features a collection of eclectic songs recorded live that challenge the limits of their instrumentation and artistic universe. The new record is due out in February 2020.

The Dead Poneymen (BE)
Surf Rock

Who the fuck are the Poneymen?

In the year 2010, a flying saucer crashed somewhere on Earth. Some strange half human half pony creatures woke up with no memory. They did not remember who they were and even less so where they came from. The only thing that was for sure was that they were coming from out of space and that they had no connection anymore with their own planet.

So they just had one thing to do : survive! But how to survive?

They had the chance to be taken in by a strange community of people who happened to be fond of ponies. These people did not care about how strange it was to see these beings with human body and poney face. Who cares? Anyway, in this community they discovered by chance that they could find a human appearance. How? Just sweating! But how could they sweat? Just playing guitar during a while!

So they grabbed guitars and started playing while playing movies from their previous live performances. If they don't sing, it is because they don't know any human language. Back in time, they came across some fellows such as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagall, Stephan Derrick or Jean-Michel Surfdou. But after a short work together, they all strangely disappeared. And when they came back, they didn't look the same anymore...

After a short trip to the US, they decided to stay in Belgium for two reasons : that country doesn't know any real rock’n’roll band and moreover they really want to meet JCVD!

Welcome in the surf poney world!

DJ Baston (BE)
Rock And Roll

From 50's to actual rock music or affiliated