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DATE: SAMEDI 09/03/2019 LIEU: Belvédère OUVERTURE: 20:00 ENTRÉE: 10€ en prévente - 12€ sur place PRÉVENTES: Utick 



V E H I K A c'est un Affamé, un artiste qui revient de loin, déterminé à passer à table dans ce monde de requins.En 2018, cet auteur, compositeur et interprète bruxellois remonte à la surface et fait peau neuve avec son premier album intitulé "Écorché/Vif". Dans ce 1er opus, il dévoile son vécu avec une écriture sincère, tranchante et authentique. Pour le plus grand plaisir des adeptes de rap actuel, L'Écorché/Vif se met à nu sur des sonorités variées, rendez-vous sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement légal pour rentrer dans sa peau !

Max V & Charlykid (BE)

Dj Sotusura
Hip Hop


  Sotusura was born n France in 1980 and first heard hiphop music around age 10,but at the age of 13,he was fully addicted to hiphop and started to dj around 1998 while living in Los Angeles California.

Years have gone by and nowin 2009, Sotusura holds down 2 radio shows,one on Beat FM in Jordan called Urban Beats and the other one is an international hiphop show called The Art of Rap in a NY based internet radio called radio 23...

He does gigs wherever he gets the chance to and focuses on opening at concerts,breakdance competitons,poetry events and underground spots where he can play the real hiphop he loves...

DJ Sotusura performed with lots of local talents to push them in the scene in Jordan and in the middle east and also performed with the best arab hiphop talents such as Ramallah Underground,Ragtop,DAM and also did openings for other artists such as Salah Edin,Cilver Rings,Islam Jawad,stevie soul and bluebird as far as underground mc's who came to the middle east to perform and also opened up for major commercial artists such as Sean Paul and Akon in Jordan...

Finally he linked up with C- Mack (LA) in June of 2009 and did a couple of gigs together in town, they are now working together to put it down all over the globe and bring real hiphop to the city u live in nomatter on what continent u live at,just stay posted and keep ur ears this way if u wanna hear what real hiphop is all about...  

Deejay Kwak (BE)

Kwak grew up to the sounds of Miles Davis, Tito Puente, Funkadelic, the Beatles and their peers thanks to his music-loving parents. His first musical ‘shock’, so to speak, came when he discovered Sugarhill’s gang rap and Motörhead’s hard rock. 

He began his career deejaying for students in the late eighties whilst rehearsing as lead singer for garage punk bands. In 1994, he began organizing parties and concerts and soon became the resident Dj and programmer at the Kafe Kan’h (1999-2004). In 2002, together with Dj Eleven, he launched Strictly Niceness, a monthly party which has since became one the most popular groove events in Brussels. 

Behind the turntables, Kwak offers a breadth of styles that reflect the richness of groove across cultures and history. The listener travels between continents where the music is warm and swings. From hip-hop to reggae, soul to disco, funk, salsa and afrobeat, house, dubstep or even UK garage music. The musical odyssey will bring you where the classics meet the uncharted, where new productions meet old, assuredly provoking itchy dancing feet and happy smiles all round. 

Kwak has shared the mixing desk with internationally renowned deejays such as Quantic, Florian Keller, Dimitri From Paris, Benji B, Floating Points, Theo Parrish, Rich Medina, Lefto, Dj Format, Gilles Peterson, Dj Nu-Mark, Dj Suspect and many more, be it at a Strictly Niceness party, or during one of his many bookings in Belgium and abroad. 

His other occupations include a radio show, “Back to Niceness,” which he has hosted every week for the past 10 years on Bruzz (Ex Fm Brussel), and writing a column for a Belgian magazine (Focus Vif). 
The next step remains to be written.