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"Xelepteüs", some kind of an exprimental metal project born in 2014's cold winter by Charly and Antoine. Taking all it's ressources from Nature, dreams, illnesses, deities and spiritual wrath.

The band's name comes from XE (xenos) LE (leva means left, our heart side) PTE (hepta, links the soul) ÜS (Genitive form). Therefore, Xelepteüs seems to mean "something from the limits of He, the stranger, who dwells in our heart and spirit."

In 2015's, Chris and Maurizio, old friends since many years, joined the band to give that bass line's passive agressive touch and the "I'm gonna be postal" side in vocals.

Renaud, Antoine's brother and awesome drummer helped completing the band after the very first rehearsal. In early 2016.